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$99mo clear braces!
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We make it easy to get a great smile with at-home clear aligners!
Straight teeth as easy as 1 2 3
Includes free professional take home teeth whitening
Step 1
Make an appointment to
come in for your $49
exam and our Dentist will
review your treatment
options and get you
started on your beautiful
new smile! Once you are
approved for treatment
pay only $99 a month for
your aligners. No credit
check and no dental
insurance needed.
Step 2
Our in-house laboratory
will 3D print your models
and fabricate your custom
aligners just for you.
Step 3
Make an appointment!
Start smiling!
Keep smiling!
No long term commitment,
straighten your teeth as
much as you want. Most
patients get the results they
want in as little as 12
Clear aligners are not for everyone and your teeth need to be healthy enough for treatment. Individual results may vary and
additional steps may be required to achieve desired results. Severe crowding or malocclusion, severe overbite or underbite may
not be able to be corrected with clear aligners alone. Our Dentist will go over your options with you.