Tanya Long DMD and David Long CDT
Dr Long started her dental career in 1994 working along side her husband, David Long CDT in the dental
laboratory where they focused their expertise in restoring dental implants with hand crafted custom
abutments and crowns. Together they were on the pioneering fore front leading the way in custom bar
fabrication for precision attachments and over dentures for full arch restorations. Over the years she has
attended many hours of continuing education around the USA  in dental technology and has worked for
prestigious laboratories such as Kelley Dental Lab, TLC (Teeth by Layman and Cason), Winter Springs
Dental Lab, Precision Ceramics.

In 2002 she was accepted into the Dental Hygiene program at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry
and graduated with her AS and BS degrees in 2004. Many of her professors, recognizing her exceptional
academic achievements  encouraged her to apply for the DMD program. She was eccepted for the 2004
freshman class. During her time in dental school, she served as Class President, worked part-time in the
Radiology department and Sterilizer monitoring program and also practiced Dental Hygiene at Woodside

Following graduation Dr Long worked as a general dentist at Barry Ceridan and Associates, Falls City
Family Dentistry and Cane Run Smile Center. During this time she founded 4th Street Dental Spa in
Louisville KY. Her focus was on Cosmetic Dentistry . During this time Dr Long became aware of the
frustration her patients experienced that needed dental implants, but were unable to have treatment
because of the financial burden of having multiple procedures performed at different offices to complete
restoration. Dr Long then decided to focus her education and career on the placing and restoring of dental

Dr. Long attended and completed the Professional Implant Course of  AIC and joined prestigious
organizations such as The American Academy Of Implant Dentistry and The International Congress Of
Implantology. Dr. Long also has extensive training in the All-on-4 technique from Nobel Biocare and has
done 100s of successful cases.

Already having prior knowledge and experience of the fabrication process, she turned her focus to the
continuing education of implant placement and oral surgical procedures. Realizing her natural ability for
treatment planning and surgical placement of dental implants this reaffirmed her passion for restorative

Dr Long and her husband, David Long CDT embarked on a mission to have the first all inclusive dental
implant center in this region with surgical placement and the fabrication of restoration with an on-site dental

Since Dr Long started placing dental implants, she has placed and restored over 5000 dental implants
including full mouth rehabilitations with a 98% success rate and continues her education in advanced
implant dentistry.
David Long CDT has planned, designed and restored over 100,000 dental restorations  during his career
as well as chair side assisting oral surgeries, teaching and case planning 100s of  full mouth