*Prices advertised are 75% less than other offices offering the same procedure. Payment option for patients with
approved credit through CareCredit for upto 60 months are available.
Prices are subject to change with the availability of new technology and production capabilities.  This policy is
subject to change at anytime. All discounts are applied to a paid in full completed treatment plan. Current
discounted price is valid till 12/01/2016
The process to perfection!
Teeth in a day

Right Choice Dental Implant Center does not offer the "All on 4 teeth in a day"with extractions or immediate placement with extractions.
Not all patients that require extractions will qualify for teeth in a day. Teeth in a day can also double the cost of the procedure and has
about a 40% increase in the occurrence of complications that may extend the over all time of your treatment. All patients must be fully
healed from extraction and be in a denture to be considered for EvoBridge All on Dental Implants

All on4 is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare
Evolution All on Dental Implants
Screw retained Fast Protec hybrid bridge for DENTURE patients.

You must be in a denture and fully healed from extractions to be a candidate for
Evolution All on Implants.
If extractions are and temporary denture are needed, additional fees will apply.

Evolution All on Implants $5995
Dental implants and hybrid bridge

EvoS Dental Implant $2995
Single Dental Impant with abutment and crown

EvoDentures $2995
Get ready for the most comfortable dentures you are ever going to wear, the Evolution denture. Evolution
dentures are on their way to becoming the gold standard in denture technology. Highly cosmetic dentures
with a soft flexible base offer what denture wearers have always dreamed of.
Let's take a look at why Evolution dentures fit so snugly. Our jaw ridges tend to be wider near where the teeth
meet the gums and tend to curve slightly inward just above and below our natural teeth. This curve inward is
referred to as the undercut. When being inserted, a soft denture has the ability to give a little as it passes over
the widest point of the gum, but then flexes back inward to conform to the undercut. That's how such a soft
denture can provide a great grip without any clips. And perhaps the best part, curving into the undercut keeps
food from getting up under the denture. You can go out to dinner and not worry about having to remove your
dentures and rinse them in a public restroom.
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