Affordable Dentures & Dental Implants
*Prices advertised are 25% less than other offices offering the same procedure. Payment option for patients with approved credit through
CareCredit for up to 60 months are available.
Prices are subject to change with the availability of new technology and production capabilities.  This policy is subject to change at
anytime. All discounts are applied to a paid in full completed treatment plan. Current discounted price is valid till 1
The process to perfection!

Teeth on 4  Dental Implants  $2995 per arch Dental Implant Surgery
ONE surgical procedure
with TWO restorative options

You choose between Snap on Teeth that you can take out or Locked on Teeth that stay in and only a Doctor
can take out.

NEW! Snap on Teeth! $2995
Snap on teeth are special designed for Dental Implants to be stronger and more b
eautiful than a traditional denture. Made with premium denture teeth and a strong Tri
Lor Bar. These teeth fit
snug against the gums
but have less material covering the roof of your mouth and can be snapped out for
easy cleaning. Snap on teeth are the absolute best in cosmetics. Includes abutments and all implant parts!

NEW! Lock on Teeth! $2995
Lock on Teeth stay in place and can only be removed by a qualified Doctor. Premium denture teeth are
bonded to a strong Tri
Lor framework with titanium housings and sits just above your gums and feels the most
secure since the teeth cannot move. Lock on teeth are the smallest most light weight option but can have
cosmetic limitations due to design. Includes abutments and all implant parts!

TriLor Hybrid Zirconia  $7995
The ultimate the ultimate in strength and beauty for Teeth on 4

NEW! Economy implant packages For lower Dentures
Truly affordable All-inclusive fee with extractions includes 2 full size Dental Implants, immediate economy
denture, ball abutments and a final Snap in denture.
Two Dental Implant over denture without extractions.  $2495
Includes 2 full sized Dental Implants, ball abutments, snap housings and a new Snap in denture.

Single missing teeth and Denture Solutions

Dental Implant surgery with abutment and crown $1795ea

Dental Implant placement (surgery only) for single teeth $599ea

Screw retained implant crown $1195

Custom Zirconia abutment $599

Zirconia crowns $599

Ultra premium Dentures  $995ea
Immediate/economy Denture $299 plus extractions
Extractions simple $85
Extractions surgical $140

* Above prices are cash fees.
Patients with dental insurance are subject to fees and co-pay determined by their coverage
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