Frequently asked questions about EvoBridge All on Dental Implants
Question: Am I candidate for dental implants?
Answer:   If a patient has sufficient, healthy bone, and is in reasonably good health, they can have dental implants. You will
need a 3D CBCT and full exam. We do not accept 2D x-rays for dental implant evaluations.

Question: I have bad teeth and want EvoZbridge with dental implants. What should I do?
Answer:   If the teeth are non-restorable by traditional  methods then the teeth need to be extracted and go through the
denture process before you can have EvoZbridge. The healing time from extraction to implant placement varies with
individual healing but on average it's about 6 months.

Question: Can I get my teeth extracted and have implants and teeth in one day?
Answer:  No. Immediate implant placement has a complication rate of about 40% and not worth the risk in our opinion. We
only use 3D guided surgery for safe perfectly placed implants. You cannot place perfect implants "Free hand" just by
looking at a 3D cat scan. There is a lot of bad "teeth in a day" marketing out there promising instant results when the fact is
you should never have Dental Implant surgery without a 3D printed surgical guide and you cannot do a 3D printed surgical
guide on some patients until the teeth are out and the bone has healed. There are places that will paint your car in a day but
I'm not going there and thats just a car not my teeth!

Question: After my implants are placed, how long do I have to wait until I get my teeth?
Answer:  It depends. If your Dental implants achieve primary stability then a temp bridge can be attached the same day.

Question: Can I have all of my work done in your office?
Answer:   Yes and no. Some procedures may be referred out to other providers. You must be in a denture to get
EvoZbridge. We are here to help people get out of dentures not put them in dentures.

Question: How many appointments does it take to get EvoBridge?
Answer:  The number of appointments vary from patient to patient to get EvoZbridge.

After completion, patients are required to return to our office every 3 months for re-care and maintenance of their dental
Implants. Any patients that do not keep all of their appointments will be dismissed from the practice.

Out of state patients
We do not advise traveling for Dental Implants. Dental implants are very complex and take a lot of additional care. A low
initial cost can soon escalate to a very expensive treatment plan when traveling expense are added to the over all treatment.